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For Dr. Bassam Tomeh (“Dr. T” as his patients call him) you might say medicine runs in the family.  “With a father who is a physician, it almost seems that I was born to be in “the business,” says Dr. Tomeh.  His 76-year-old father is a renowned pediatrician with over 45 years of practice and Tomeh admiringly notes, “The man is a beast – retirement is something he will never do!”

He easily acknowledges that his primary mentors, his father and Dr. Gulshan Harjee (fellow physician at First Medical Care), have been pivotal parts in molding his attitude toward medicine. “These two invaluable public servants have taught me that it is vitally important to be an active part of our patient’s lives and that compassion and commitment should be foremost in our daily work.” 

Regardless of his family’s background, Dr. Tomeh admits he always felt a pull toward the medical field. “I always admired the family connection that medicine brought between people. You’re not only helping patients, but you’re making friends for the rest of your life. Those kinds of relationships have been tremendously fulfilling.”

For Dr. Tomeh, being part of a patient’s larger family means acting as a trusted advisor who helps patients get on top of issues early. “If we can work together to prevent disease now, and get on top of issues before they spin out of control, we can reduce the burden to the patient and their families, now and in the long-term,” observed Tomeh.

Dr. Tomeh is a strong believer in practicing what he preaches and enjoys being active with his children and wife (outdoor activities as a family and watching his eldest perform on the swim team are favorite pursuits) as well as spinning and weight lifting. “I really enjoy working out,” said Tomeh. “It clears the mind and reduces your stress level. Physical activity, in any form, is something I recommend for a majority of my patients.”

Born and raised in Atlanta, Dr. Tomeh was recently elected to serve on the board of the DeKalb Physician Hospital Organization (DPHO). “I was asked to run by the board of directors of the organization and was deeply honored that they felt my experience as a doctor and CEO would benefit our community.  Being of service to my family, my patients and to the city at large is really at the core of who I am.”

Dr. Tomeh is a graduate from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) in Augusta, where he served as Chief Resident from 2006 to 2007 and was the recipient of the MCG Book Award in 2007 in recognition of his outstanding performance as a resident physician.

He is board certified in Family Medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, and the National Arab American Medical Association. He is the CEO of First Medical Care, Inc. and an attending physician at Benton House in Decatur, an assisted living community focusing on memory care patients. He also is an associate professor at Mercer University School of Medicine.

With a special interest in disease prevention, he provides primary care for ages 15 and up.  He speaks Arabic fluently and provides care to many refugees new to the Atlanta area.