Find out why we call it the “concierge medical experience.”

We’ve heard it a lot of times — a patient often feels like he should send the doctor a bill for his time. Sitting for an hour in the waiting room. Quickly and impersonally shuffled through vitals with a nurse who doesn’t know your name. Five minutes with the doctor, handed a prescription and sent out the door and on your way. That’s not the case with First Medical! Your appointments are never rushed. You can take the time you need to talk to us about your medical concerns. We have 24/7 availability, so you can reach us when you need us after hours. And you can walk-in without an appointment — anytime. From the moment you step into the door as a new patient, our goal is to give you this level of concierge service. The doctor-patient relationship at your primary care clinic is sacred to us and as such, it is imperative that you feel that we are part of your healthcare team.

Services Available:

  • Annual physicals and wellness exams
  • Mammography
  • Lab work to screen for and monitor a myriad of medical conditions
  • X-ray machine to help investigate joint and back pains and lung disease
  • EKG to screen for heart issues
  • DEXA scanning for osteoporosis
  • Pulmonary function testing to screen for lung disease
  • Ultrasound to screen for abdominal aortic aneurysms
  • Certified Civil Surgeons available to conduct immigration medical physical exams
  • School and sports physical exams
  • Georgia Workers Compensation Functional Capacity Exam
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