At first glance, Sharon Pirani looks like she might have just graduated from a 4-year university, but don’t let that youthful demeanor fool you. Pirani received her degree from St. Anthony’s College of Nursing in 2013, and then spent 9 demanding years at Emory Hospital as a nurse in their cardiovascular ICU unit.

“I learned so much at Emory,” says Pirani with a determined smile. “I remember walking down the hallways and thinking, “We’ve got to help patients make smart choices and not wind up in the ICU!”

Pirani went on to explain, “As healthcare providers, we should daily practice the philosophies of wellbeing, care, compassion, education, and advocacy. While I enjoyed working in the ICU, I knew that my end goal was to see my patients walk in happy and walk out happy. It’s much better than seeing them intubated!”

This intense dedication to alleviating pain and suffering through education and care ultimately lead Pirani to the second stage of her career, when she made the decision to attend the University of South Alabama and receive her FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) degree. Armed with new skills, Pirani feels her purpose is to ensure that patients are equipped with the information they need to care for themselves. “If education is a superpower, I’m all in! I see this as my chance to empower my patients as we create a long-term plan for good health and a positive future.”

As a board certified FNP, Pirani could have joined almost any practice or hospital, but in the end, she chose First Medical. Pirani noted that, “FNPs focus on preventative care, and here at First Medical, it’s a real shared team experience for not only the patient, but First Medical’s staff,” notes Pirani.

She went on to explain, “It made a real difference to me that everyone here – from staff to patients – are treated like family. From the front desk on, everyone is nurtured and supported. I knew early on that working in this kind of environment with such experienced personnel (Tomeh, Ullah, Castellano and Khimani) would give me a unique opportunity to continue my educational journey.”

While Pirani will be providing concierge care for a wide range of clinic patients, she does admit having a soft spot when treating young adults. “You have to learn to take care of yourself and it’s fun to help this growing group become successful, healthy adults.” 

Pirani has been married almost five years to husband Ali, who is currently working on his MBA degree. Her favorite Saturday morning is hiking Stone Mountain and having a heavy breakfast after – a “guilty pleasure” Pirani reports!

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